SLO living, a concept of hostel-like in Lyon!
SLO living, a concept of hostel-like in Lyon!

SLO living, a concept of hostel-like in Lyon!

Lyon Expat has introduced a new, reasonably priced housing option. This new temporary housing facility is similar to a hostel and opened its doors this summer in Lyon, France.


Its three young founders wanted to create a friendly, beautifully decorated environment in the heart of Lyon.


Located in Lyon’s 3 arrondissement, SLO Living hostel opened its doors in early June 2014.


The concept of hostel-like temporary housing is expected to flourish in the future.


The SLO Living hostel is certainly one-of-a-kind. It provides a pleasant living environment close to every possible amenity. It was designed to help travellers from around the world meet new people.


You’ll have the choice of an individual bedroom or a dorm room, single-sex or mixed, with a private or shared bathroom.


With reasonable rates, an outdoor patio and a wide range of services offered by local partners, SLO is an ideal temporary housing solution for international students while they look for permanent accommodation in Lyon.


If you would like to visit Lyon as a tourist, take your time to find a furnished flat or simply check out the area before making a permanent move to Lyon, you’re sure to enjoy a pleasant stay at SLO in a warm, stylish environment at a very reasonable price.


photo hostel - dortoirs

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