Information on Accommodation and Housing in Lyon
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Information on Accommodation and Housing in Lyon

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It can be difficult to find an apartment in Lyon, even more so if you are a foreigner.

If you find an apartment with a real estate agency the administrative process shall be very strict.

You will need to show many documents such as your working contract, salary slips etc…

For students, this proves quite difficult unless you have a guarantor, preferably French. Most agencies in Lyon do not accept foreign guarantors, If you know someone in France who can act as your guarantor (they must earn 3x the amount of your rent), then you may go to any agency.

 We can provide you with the list of the necessary documents that the real estate agencies will require.


The price depends on the area and whether or not the apartment is furnished.

If you think you will be staying in France for more than one year, we strongly advise you to rent an unfurnished apartment, as they are much cheaper and you can furnish your apartment relatively cheaply.

Studio – 550+ Euros

1 bedroom – 600+ Euros

2 bedrooms – 800+ Euros

3 bedrooms – 900+ Euros

BEWARE: Most advertised prices do not include utilities…

charges” refers to monthly fees for elevator use and garbage collection.

charges comprises” means that the “charges” are included in the rent price

You will have to leave a deposit corresponding to two months which will be given back to you at the end of your stay if the aparment is in order !



• This mandatory document states the rights and obligations of all parties.

It must be produced in duplicate, with one copy for the owner and one for the tenant.

• Sometimes you have to make up your mind and be prepared to sign the contract when you first visit the flat.

• The minimum lease period is three years renewable for unfurnished accommodation in the traditional rental market, one year for furnished flats.

You can terminate the lease at any time by giving the owner one month’ notice by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt.

Some private residences offer shorter rental contracts.

> Caution, when signing the lease

• Read the agreement carefully, especially the articles on backing out of the agreement, the deposit and everyday life: this is the only reference document in a dispute.

• Never hand any money over before signing a rental agreement. For each payment made, demand a receipt stating what is covered.

• Electricity, rental fees, water, heating and gas are not normally included in the rent.

It is sometimes easier to rent a flat directly from the owner, but you will still have to sign a lease, leave a deposit etc…

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