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National and International Moves

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Expat Agency Lyon provides its clients with customized support for handling all the procedures connected with national and international moves.

In order to diminish the stress caused by these types of moves, we take care of overseeing the entire process.

We call upon service providers  known for the quality of their services at the best prices.

After conducting technical visits, we collect estimates for the move, double-checks them and transfers them to its clients.

Once a service provider is chosen, we coordinate the logistics of the move according to each family’s timeline.

We also follow up on any disputes that may arise.

We serve as a one-stop shop for families throughout the entire process of carrying out a national or international move to or from Lyon, to or from anywhere in France or the rest of the world.

We work with independent service providers who are affiliated with trade associations.

We have extensive experience in coordinating moves.

We work with individuals or companies needing mobility assistance for their expatriate employees.

Moving can be a very stressful experience. It is important to receive support from an independent professional that can intervene at any point in the process to ensure that the relocation goes smoothly.

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