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Expat Agency Lyon assists companies in the mobility process of their employees by offering turnkey services to ensure their successful integration.
We also assists individuals and students to find accommodation in Lyon.
Personalized searches for a primary residence and assistance in getting settled.


Each person (or family) that we take care of  is unique and has specific needs.

Together we define the criteria for your new accommodation :

  • Where to live?
  • House or apartment?
  • Furnished or unfurnished?
  • How much will I pay for my rent?
  • Can I find accommodation  near my job?
  • Possibility of using the Mobili-pass* aid?
  • Near the schools?
  • What about  transportation, traffic, etc…

We will set together all the specifications for these needs and desires and then we will select a number of real estate for you.

We will accompany you during a day, visit the apartments with you,  and reserve the property that suits you best.

We will help you with the signing of the lease and if  you need it, we can also manage the inventory, and subscribe  electricity, water, telephone, internet, home insurance  for you.


Request a quote from  us for your housing search and installation help in Lyon