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There are more than 6,000 doctors in the Rhône department, half of them working in Lyon.

Lyon has a major health heritage.

In fact, Lyon is a city of tradition with medical symbol, with for example “the Hotel-Dieu”, a former public hospital situated on the banks of the Rhone.

Boiron or Mérieux based in Lyon, are major international companies in the field of homeopathy for one, and the manufacture of vaccine for the other.

You will find in Lyon reliable public hospitals in 3 major areas of the city :

– North : The Croix-Rousse Hospital,

– South of the town, in Pierre Bénite, with Lyon-Sud Hospital,

– East of Lyon with several hospitals (Louis Pradel Hospital, the woman-mother-child center…)

In Lyon, you will also find many private clinics.

Lyon is a city very well endowed in terms of health, it is absolutely necessary, however, for everybody (French or foreigner, international student or expatriate) to have an efficient health insurance (social and mutual security for the French, or Private insurance for foreigners).