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And what if Lyon really was an international city ?

Some only consider Paris as an international city in France.
It is failing to take the Capital of Gaul into account !
Lyon does intend to be titled for its international opening !

Indeed, and besides the local authorities ambitions of the City of Lyon concerning its opening to abroad, a new international network is born.

The original concept ?
The international online community named Internations  for people who live and work abroad.

Here is an appealing idea, born from a German initiative in Munich to facilitate meeting other global minds and staying in touch between world nomads who have to face same difficulties when landing and staying in and to a new city.
Moreover, Internations supports a charity  program as well to sponsor students who cannot afford to study abroad.
The network, online since 2007 and now reaching 120,000 members in 3 years, assures its presence over 230 cities all over the world through events organized by one or two local volunteer and dynamic ambassadors.

The aim ?
Facilitate socio-cultural integration by the switch from virtual to real, the swap, the sharing of experiences, and the discovery of new locations every month.

Within a year and a half, monthly meetings in Lyon have moved up from 40 to 80 members, for everyone’s happiness !
Relax and intercultural atmosphere being there with an average of 10 to 15 nationalities every time !
Those gatherings are only the start right now but they’ll surely bring a new international and warmful brightness to the city of lights !