With T.C.L (metro, bus, trams)
Welcome to Lyon !

With T.C.L (metro, bus, trams)

TCL (metro, buses, trams) is a very well organized network covering  Lyon and its suburbs (metro, buses, streetcars and cable cars).

All the expats and international students we work with say that the public transportation network in Lyon is great and that you can go from one point of the city to an other very easily and quickly for a very reasonable price.

The Metro runs from 5 am to midnight, 7 days on,  and the ticket is valid for one hour.

You can also purchase a subscription or a valid ticket for the entire day, week, month.

You can buy tickets at automatic kiosks at the entrance of the subway or directly to the bus driver.

Tobacconists also provide tickets.

The urban transport network consists of more than:

– 100 bus routes

– 111 lines of school services

– 4 metro lines, 2 cable cars, buses equipped to transport people with reduced mobility,

– 5 tram lines connect the city of Lyon, Villeurbanne and cities like Bron, Meyzieu etc…

Phone: 04 26 10 12 12 (local call rate)

Website: www.tcl.fr