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Insurance is of course an indispensable product in the daily life of any person, business, family.

This is particularly true for expatriates, international students, trainees.

There are so many good reasons to get an insurance !

  • Car insurance
  • Legal protection
  • School insurance
  • Home Contents Insurance
  • Vacant Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Temporary / Serviced Accommodation Insurance
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Household Goods Moving Insurance
  • Personal Liability Insurance
  • Political Risks Cover
  • Possessions Overseas Insurance…

Insurers can also take care of mortgage, financial investments, health insurance, life insurance …


Beware when you go abroad or come to France and do think about what could happen if you are not properly insured!

  • What if you have to be hospitalised abroad or in France ?
  • Who will pay for the hospital fees ?
  • What if you have an emergency dental problem ?

The Travel insurance will also cover repatriation assistance for medical reasons, or if a family member is hospitalised for more than 6 days or die : Repatriation Insurance

Health Insurance that will cover your medical expenses in case you need it !

Delayed departure insurance

Baggage loss : luggage which is lost, stolen or destroyed in an explosion or fire or by water will be reimbursed.

Our partners will be able to answer your questions concerning all types of insurances you need for your trip abroad or in Lyon.