Homestay in Lyon, France

Homestay in Lyon, France

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 Housing in Lyon, Rent a room in a family and share a family life in France….

“I could not have had a better experience with Expat Lyon…

I found the agency online and contacted them just a few weeks before I arrived in Lyon to do research for my dissertation in history.

I wanted to avoid the costs and challenges of finding an apartment and getting settled alone in a foreign country.

Lyon Expat Services responded to me immediately and within a few days  found a family that suited me perfectly.

I was able to enjoy the best that Lyon has to offer from the heart of the city on the banks of the Rhône, and I also had a family to help me get situated.

I had studied abroad in France when I was an undergraduate, but living with a family really allowed me to improve my knowledge of French language and culture because we had so many great conversations during dinner.

When I got the flu in the middle of my stay, they gave me much needed moral support and helped me figure out the healthcare system and the different medications.

In addition to making sure that I had a great experience with my host family, Lyon Expat Services also helped me to take advantage of the opportunities in the city.

They told me about all the best cultural sites and restaurants, and helped me connect with local scholars who helped me with my research by taking me to historical monuments and giving me little-known details about them.

I also got to meet fellow students who helped me learn about the fun hang-outs around the city.

I met several other families too, and went to church services and made a trip to a Chateau on a group outing.

These experiences really made me feel like a part of the community.

In sum, I would strongly recommend Expat-Lyon to anyone who really wants to get to know the city, not bother to long about findin accommodation or housing and experience all it has to offer.”

Sam, Massachussets, Doctoral Student in History at Brown University

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