Getting around Lyon….
Welcome to Lyon !

Getting around Lyon….

Lyon has a very good network of public tranpsortation, either buses, metros, trams. Everywhere will seem close when you live in Lyon.

Lyon  has been one of the first cities to inaugurate a system of self-service bicycles.

4000 Vélo’V in 340 stations were installed between 2005 and 2007  all over the city.

There is an average of 15. 000 rentals per day.

Parking is not easy in Lyon, despite the underground parking lots.

Many people leave their car outside the city and then get downtonw with the bus or the metro.

Parking there is free on presentation of your bus or metro ticket.

These parks are usually located at the terminus of metro and trams.

If you want to park your car for several days in Lyon intra-muros, and you are not a resident, we recommend you take a subscription-week with LPA (Lyon Parc Auto).

Listing fees and subscriptions for 8 days:

– Celestin : € 70.75

– Morand : € 70.75

– Bonnel Servient / La Halle : 46.10 €

– Part Dieu shopping center : € 58.95

– Berthelot : 35.40 €

You can also rent a car for a few hours thanks to Citiz LPA a car-sharing service for individuals and professionals, a self-service fleet available 24/24, 7 / 7. You can borrow a car for one hour to several days. A solution that allows you to use a car just when you need it.