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Lyon Expat Services Presentation

Sophie Dord, Expat Services

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EXPAT SERVICES is a limited liability company, a relocation company managed by Sophie DORD in Lyon.

Sophie DORD, Graduated from ESTRI, Lyon ( School of Translation and International Relations).

She was born in Lyon a little more than 45 years ago !

She has lived in the United States and Spain.

She has worked for 10 years for the Lyon Biennales organization, hosting worldwide dance companies and foreign artists, taking care of insurance and transportation, translation and interpreting.

She decided to launch her company in 2009 so as to help expatriates and internationals students settle as smoothly as possible in their new town, the town she loves, Lyon.

Her team is composed of multilingual and experienced women.

  • Women at your service, fully integrated in Lyon and its region.
  • We will use our expertise and our knowledge to help with your relocation process.
  • We offer a service of quality for the satisfaction of our customers.

The firm now develops its services throughout France under the name of EXPAT SERVICES FRANCE.

We can help you relocate wherever in France and worldwide.

We follow regular trainings with the SNPRM (National Union of Professionals of Relocation).

EXPAT SERVICES … A human-sized company that assures you … a la carte services,  depending on your needs and requirements, a direct relationship without intermediary.