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You’ve made a good choice,  homestay in Lyon is the best formula to make rapid progress in your French language skills and to be immersed in French culture!

We have selected high quality host families for you, chosen for their hospitality and the quality of their homes , they will be happy to rent a room to you !

Whether you’re a student in a Language School, or at the University, on an exchange program, doing an internship, or simply a tourist, we are able to offer you the hosting solution that suits you.

We can also work with groups coming for a linguistic or touristic stay in Lyon.

We know the current shortage of housing in Lyon and in Paris for students, and each year it is a real headache for many of them to find housing  !

The host paying guest has a private room (pleasant, clean, bright,  with a comfortable bed, and everything he needs to feel good), and access to the bathroom.

All formulas are available in Lyon :

Bed and Breakfast,

half board,

full board,

including weekends or not.

You can either send us an e mail so that we send you directly all our information on our homestay services, or check our new website exclusively dedicated to host-paying guests in Lyon : Homestays in Lyon. (

Contact us for more information on the host paying option that will make you like Lyon!

We can also welcome scholar groups in Lyon.

We will make you like France! 

Read more about our expertise : click here !