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Coaching for Expats and Spouses


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Logo StellaThe Coaching for expatriates and spouses helps to manage the different changes before, during and after an expatriation. It is an effective support to help you to integrate faster to a new culture and to a new life (sometimes in the same country).

For the employee expat, the coaching helps to boost their optimal performance level, to adapt their leadership style into a new organizational culture and to develop action plans to integrate the various aspects of the new life.

For the spouse, it accelerates their adaptation without losing their identity, it helps to better manage their daily life and it helps to define a personal or a career project.

Everyone benefits from this support: the expats, the family, the company. A coaching journey is a nice way to take care of ourselves and the ones around us and to create the best possible ambiance to live the best of the expatriation.

Stela d’Escragnolle Klein is a certified international executive coach. She is Brazilian, speaks several languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) and has a solid background in the corporate environment, having worked 20+ years in managerial positions in large global companies.

She has a personal experience of expatriation, as she lived for 2 years in Italy and since the beginning of 2016 she is in France.