Insurances for international students in Lyon and abroad
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Insurances for international students in Lyon and abroad

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Insurances for expatriate and impatriate students staying in Lyon or going abroad… 

Do not plan to spend some time abroad or in France without being sure to be properly insured.

Civil liability insurance is obligatory in France.

Are you sure you have one ?

And what if you have to go to the hospital, are you sure your expenses will be covered and reimbursed?


Health insurance covers you in the event of minor or major health problems..

Health costs covers of all your health expenses:

  • Medical or surgical hospitalization
  • Consultations with generalist or specialist doctors
  • Dental care
  • Eye care
  • Medicines

Repatriation assistance

Coverage of repatriation on health grounds to your country of origin or to a health establishment which is adapted to your pathology.

Legal assistance

Legal information in the event of legal problems abroad

 Psychological support

Setting up contact with a clinical psychologist, especially in the event of “home sickness”

.Private civil liability for internships and rentals

Coverage for all bodily, material, and immaterial damage both in private life and as part of company internships

 Personal accident insurance

Payment of capital in the event of death or disability following an accident.


During both legs of the journey and during the stay in the event of loss, theft and destruction.


Make sure your trip is properly covered, for additional information: Contact us!