Accommodation for students in Lyon
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Accommodation for students in Lyon

Accommodation for international students in Lyonn

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Are you a foreign student looking for accommodation in Lyon ?

We can help you!

There is in Lyon, as in most cities in France a real difficulty for students when it comes to find accommodation!

Too often, university residences are not sufficient to meet students demand.

Private student residences are trying to meet this demand and have designed products for students.

Roommating” is also quite popular, as well as family accommodation with access to the kitchen or half-board.

The student hostels are increasingly popular but for a quite short period.

You can also try to rent a furnished flat, the only difficulty for foreign students or when you are on an international intership is that you will have you might be asked to havee a French guarantor and to stay for the full year and not only one semester in  Lyon.

There is  a formula that is interesting for students : be hosted in Lyon in a french family, bed and breakfast, half board, full board.

This is a good formula if you want to speak french, to get acquainted with the french way of life, it does not require a French guarantor, and it can be  just for a few weeks.

You can visit this website,, it will provide you with many information on host paying guests in Lyon.

You will find on our pages  some ideas for students accommodation in Lyon.

You can also contact us directly if you want our help or advice, we will be happy to help you out!

We can  be your contact in Lyon and look for the best formula for you.

We can offer homestays and we have a partnership with student residences in Lyon.


If you are coming to Lyon for a school trip, with a group, we can also take care of the accommodation of your group in French families for a short period of time.