Recommendation of the month
Recommendation of the month

Recommendation of the month

January 2016, Daniela from England tells us about her homestay experience in Lyon with Lyon Expat Services :

“I was supposed to be staying in Lyon for one semester; however, due to having such a great time in the city I have decided to stay for the second semester too!

I would definitely suggest a homestay as an option as it allowed me to speak French everyday and it is also great living with someone who knows pretty much all you need to get by in Lyon.

Lyon is a very diverse city, with each arrondissement having its own different vibe. I was lucky enough to live in Lyons 6th arrondissement, which is known as the “posh” quarter, and therefore I felt very safe living here.

Most days I would go to the Parc de la Tete d’Or which was right next door to the apartment I was staying in, here you can find a beautiful lake, rose gardens and even a zoo (all free).

I also love the fact that Lyon has so many museums, I enjoy going to the contemporary art one which is just behind the park. Although Lyon is not a very large city there is so much you can do and a lot of things to explore, I can’t wait to go back after the holidays to discover what more this fabulous city has to offer!”



Emily, Canadian shares with your her homestay experience in Lyon :

“As soon as I arrived, my family made me feel very comfortable right away. They were extremely friendly and welcoming.

I felt very much at home in their apartment as I had everything I needed and if I didn’t they were happy to help with whatever necessary.

I often went to the Erasmus soirées, but me coming home late at night (or early in the morning), was never a problem.

Furthermore, despite meals being a big part of French culture, if for whatever reason I was unable to have dinner with them or if I was late it was never a problem, they still always made sure I had what I needed even if I had to eat earlier or later than them from time to time.

During meals and other times when I was with them, they always included me in conversations by asking me questions about my day, my travels, etc. or if they were talking between themselves they would always make sure I understood what was going on and would explain the conversation more slowly when necessary.”

Emily from Canada



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