Mobili Pass Aid in Lyon or in France
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Mobili Pass Aid in Lyon or in France

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MOBILI-PASS® aid, mobility assistance is available for employees of companies with 10 or more employees needing to move more than 70 km.

It is available once every 24 months.

Employees may be eligible for the MOBILI-PASS®, a housing support program funded by companies who pay into the 1% housing contribution scheme. Expat Services systematically verifies if each potential applicant is eligible for this assistance and provides feedback to the ordering customer.

If you are being transferred or recruited, you might be entitled to Mobili-Pass® aid, there will be no cost nor for you, nor for your company.

Our fees will be paid directly to us by the mobili pass aid and we will provide the following services :

  • Definition of search criteria for rental accommodation
  • Search and  selection of accommodation
  • A day of guided visits of selected accommodation
  • Submission of applications to estate agents
  • Assistance in signing lease agreement
  • Assistance in drawing up inventory
  • Preparation of Mobili-Pass application


Our company is authorized to handle MOBILI PASS dossiers in Lyon and all over France, we work in Lyon, the Rhone-Alps region and all over France.

Please check our national website concerning mobili pass aid : mobility assistance in France.

Do contact us to check if you or your employee is entitled to this mobili pass aid.

If you are moving or are being hired in France with a French working contract and arriving from 70kms away or more, you are entitled to our relocation help with no cost.