Lyon City Greeters
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Lyon City Greeters

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Lyon City Greeter is a program managed by Lyon Tourist and Convention Bureau.
It is free and organized with volunteers.

It is based on cultural exchange and conviviality.

Locals from Lyon take time to welcome you and get you around the city.

Locals are found of their city and open minded, they will take you to the places they best like (in accordance with you !)

You will then be able to feel the atmosphere of Lyon with a local french person, and discover new places and tips.

These tours are different than what a guided Tour of Lyon could offer.

These are more “personal tours”. Visitors can be alone, with their family, friends ;  in Lyon for business or leisure, holiday etc…

The walk lasts around 2 hours.

This program is part of the international network of Greeters (Global Greeter Network , which includes 15 cities so far in the world.

For more information  the Lyon city greeters website : here